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CARD continued its activities throw different programs and projects working in five states of India include Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisghat, Odissa, and Uttar Pradesh. Child care and educational support to the rural poor, dalit and tribal children, food security and agricultural development, gender equality and women empowerment, HIV/AIDs prevention, T B awareness, water conservation and biodiversity protection, climate justice and climate change advocacy, livelihood support through SHG’s and manufacturing of value added products of traditional craftsmen/women programs were the prominent activity during 2012 -13. Detailed reports of programmes are presented in the second section of this report.

1. CARD Care - Child Support Programmes

Child support projects are one of the main activities of CARD during last few years. CARD Care is the programme to provide educational support to the students from extremely disadvantaged backgrounds. The new focus of this programme is meant to addressing the need of the children and facilitates participation of their parents and community in the task of providing quality education and adequate support in their growth. There are different models and approaches in this process. CARD supports 4300 children through this programme. We have successfully implemented all activities of three Child Focused community Development Projects (CFCD), six Child Development Center projects, three Child Survival Projects, three CARD Care Cluster projects, three Chreashe units, Provide 2220 free educational kits and 150 Christmas gifts to poor children in their education and growth.


  1. Jeevan Mukthi CFCD Project, Nadavayel, Wayanad
  2. CARD - Child Development Centre, Karavaloor
  3. CARD – Child Development Centre, Vattavada
  4. CARD – Child Survival Programme, Vattavada
  5. CARD Care Cluster Project, Elapara
  6. CARD Care Cluster Project, Punalur
  7. Card Care Cluster Project, Pooyamkutty
  8. Creche, Malapuram District


  1. Child Focus Community Development Project
  2. Sarvodaaya Child Development
  3. Sarvodaya Child Survival Project
  4. CARD Care Residential Programme to the tribal children and children of widows at KSK


  1. Ameri Child Development Project, Bilaspur


  1. Mamatha Child Development Project
  2. CFCD Project Kalahandi


  1. Kanpur CDC
  2. Kanpur CSP


CARD has organized Kilikkoottom programme during the reporting year to make awareness to children on water conservation based on the theme ‘Neerarive-2013’.

2. Rural Education

CARD – KSK tried to address this problem by starting a few schools with primary education as the priority. Following schools are serving the community to improve the education.


In the academic session 2012-13, we had 1005 students. There are 22 teachers and 5 non-teaching staff under the guidance of the Principal, Mrs. Bindu Philip to help the school achieve its aim. The school provides educational facilities from nursery to 12th.


The aim of this hostel is to provide boarding facilities to the students belonging to different villages who pursue education in our school. The Hostel is catering its facilities to 40 children who belong to below poverty line.


K.S.K is operating 7 Gram Jyothi Schools in the interior villages. 1250 students are benefited by these schools and 23 teachers and volunteers are extending their services for the success of these schools. This school enabled the village children to equip them with holistic education and to develop their skills.

There are five Hindi medium primary schools functioning in association with KSK in following very backward villages to promote literacy and primary education to children from poor families.

  1. Sarvodaya Vidyalaya - Santhi Nagar
  2. Sarvodaya Vidyalaya - Ittava
  3. Sarvodaya Vidyalaya - Soniya Gandhi Nagar
  4. St.Thomas School - Sanjay Nagar
  5. Mar Thoma School – Roopakhedy

3. Health Programs

Rural Health is an area where CARD focus its attention. Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) is one of the Millennium Development Goal areas with respect to which India is faring particularly badly: of the 5.36 lakh women world wide who died during pregnancy or child birth 1.17 lakh are Indian. One in four pregnant women has not had a single ante-natal check-up. CARD addresses this issue in a small way through following programmes in association with Government and other agencies.

  1. Mother NGO of Pathanamthitta District RCH Program
  2. Suraksha Project (HIV/AIDS) Kottarakkara
  3. TB control Programme, Pathanamthitta Dist.

4. Agriculture & Food Security

i. KrishiVigyan Kendra

CARD-KVK was established in the year 1995 under Indian Council of Agricultural Research with Christian Agency for Rural Development as host organization. Since it inception KVK is very keen in the proper implementation of farming in the community. The KrishiVigyan Kendra or the Farmers’ Information Centre under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research is managed by CARD. The KVK serves the interest of the farmers in Pathanamthitta district. It conducts training programmes in new modes of agriculture and provides new breeds for cultivation. It also provides training in agriculture products related occupations. The farmers’ hostel in KVK provides residential facilities for small and marginal farmers.

ii. Farmers Clubs and Agricultural Initiatives at Kshipra

iii. SMART – Agro marketing Unit, Kumbanad

5. Water conservation and Environmental Programmes

CARD – Jalanidhi Project

In co-operation with the Government of Kerala, CARD has implemented two Jalanidhi projects in Karavaloor Grama Panchayath Kollam District and Cherupuzha Grama Panchaythu Kannur district. The main objective of this project is to provide potable water to the community population where lack of water is a major problem.

6. Climate Justice and Resilient Programmes

CARD has started Climate change programme during 2011. Climate change is caused largely by human activities, and poses significant risks for a broad range of human and natural systems.

CARD implemented two climate change project at Madhya predesh and Odisha

1.Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Project, MDEWAS, Madhya Pradesh
2.Climate Change Mitigation Project – CARD Kalahandi, Odissa

7. Livelihood Activities

Creating a society based on knowledge and skills
All income generating activities which lead to the better economic condition of households should be matched by the creation of social assets in which the excess income can be invested in building a better life and hence, for capacity building.

I. CARD – AHVY Project, Angamaly (Ambedkar Hasta Shilp Vikas Yojana)

II. Production cum Training units

1. Marthoma Vocational Training Centre, Haripad

In order to provide vocational training to the needy and economically weak youths in the surroundings of Haripad village of Aleppey district, CARD has started this unit in the year 1990. CARD Mar Thoma Centre, Haripad is providing training in tailoring, embroidery fabric painting, and carpentry. The units raise their income through the sales of its major products like shirts, school bags, furniture, wafer and squash. The following units have functioning with the centre.

  1. Carpentry Unit
  2. Tailoring Unit
  3. Shirt Unit
  4. Wafer and Common Syrup Unit.

2. CARD – Better Home, Thiruvalla

This unit was started in the year 1999 with the major objective of providing employment opportunity for poor women in the society. It provides tailoring and embroidery training for the girls.

3. CARD – Pampa Umbrellas, Thulapally

8. Research and Development Programmes

1. Panchayath Resource Mapping (PRM)
2. Panchayath Rural Appraisal(PRA)

9. LIC Micro Insurance Schemes

10. Rural Marketing

1. CARD – Gramolpannam, Thiruvalla

CARD – Gramasakthi is a registered selling unit of CARD for the promotion of marketing different handicraft works, cotton and khadi dress materials, honey and squash which are the product of different SHG’s of CARD. CARD – Gramolpannam is a common platform for selling of village agriculture and handicrafts products.

Photostat Unit

A centre with the facilities of STD, fax and copying machine is also functioning along with showroom activities.

2. CARD-Gramasakthi Society

CARD Care - Child Support Programmes Rural Education Health Programs Agriculture & Food Security Water conservation and Environmental Programmes
Climate Justice and Resilient Programmes Livelihood Activities Research and Development Programmes LIC Micro Insurance Schemes Rural Marketing
CARD FC list from 1st April 2016 to 30th June 2016

Mar Thoma Sabha Office
Thiruvalla, Pathanamthitta District
Kerala State, India - 689101

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