Policy& Perspective

The programmes and polices of CARD is based on our faith that all people are created in the image of God with right to live just, humane and dignified lives in sustainable communities. God has called all human beings to uphold and protect the human dignity and human right of every living person against all forms of discrimination. The earth and all it contains are God's gifts given out of love and care for all created beings.

The practice and existence of hunger, poverty, injustice, the denial of human rights and the discrimination of the environment are against God's promise of love and care. Development is therefore about participating in the action to transform people and society by caring, sharing and empowering themselves, so that they can move forward to reach full potential of their lives. Mar Thoma Church had started CARD in 1977 as a Registered Society with the object to act as an agent of the poor and marginalized in the society to implement programmes with this policy and perspective.